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Personal Programming Project at FIEA: Dev Diary #5

The majority of this week was about getting prepared for the midterm status update for my project where I presented my progress to the classroom and faculty. It went very well and the faculty agreed I made great progress! I have a potential title for my project that I presented on the starting power point slide:

My presentation was about the reason for my pivot from my original direction of making a game to making a biometric tool for research. I showed all of my research from CHI Play 2018, what my new direction/goals are, and then showcased the current state of the tool at the end of the presentation. I asked one of the faculty members to be the first tester and test the tool in front of the class haha. In terms of progress for this week, I found out that in order for me to get the eye diameter using the Tobii EyeX and Tobii Pro SDK that I would need a special license provided by Tobii. So I reached out to Tobii using my UCF email to see if there is something they could do for me as a student.

This coming up week will be my first official play test! I plan having a couple users play pre-built games while I record their biometrics with my tool. I'm also going to look into either recording the screen through video software, or setting up an external camera to record players as they play. The video recordings would let me see where in the game the users react compared to the biometric data. The video games that I will be using for testing this week are below! :D


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