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In less than a week and a half, I built a two player air hockey game with Assembly language 68000 instruction set. In this short amount of time, I was able to incorporate physic updates, acceleration with the use of fixed point math, randomness, and collision detection. I also created seven segment displays for the scoring. Game entities moved across a bitmap background using a bitmap subroutine that I wrote in assembly. I used a loading screen so I could swap buffers once the game was ready to play. If I had more time on the project, I would of created better pixel assets and refined collisions. The game was influenced by the Sega Genesis classic Air Hockey.


Some Assembly Code:

•  Developed a game based off of the Sega classic with assembly language 68000 instruction set
•  Created physics updates, including acceleration of  game objects and collision detection, with fixed point      math
•  Implemented user input for two players to move game entities across a bitmap background
•  Created a seven segment display for player scores
•  Established randomness of puck spawn points
•  Created pixel assets to use in my bitmap rendering system

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