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Madden NFL 21 is an American football video game based on the National Football League, developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts. It is an installment of the long-running Madden NFL series.


Associate Game Designer
Some tasks include:
• Designed/created content for AAA live services for PC,
   console, and mobile using tools like Frostbite, SQL,
   XML, Java, etc
• Assisted in designing/implementing player 
   progression/objectives in major game modes like           Madden Ultimate Teams
• The technical guy for Madden live service team and
   improved/debugged their processes for content
• Wrote documentation & participant Madden build             reviews

New Game Mode: The Yard

I worked on this new game mode by assisting with the live content team to get the content integrated on all gaming platforms. This has been a HUGE task and I was one of only 4 people carrying this load. We constantly had to use different tools and processes to complete this task. This included jumping into EA's proprietary Frostbite engine to do things like inquiry with content databases, using the camera actors to accurately capture thumbnails, export XML files to further investigate, and much more. Not only were we responsible for HD platforms, but we even had to handle content on the mobile side as well using an entirely different process and toolset. Since this is a live product, this doesn't stop at launch either. We are constantly designing and integrating new content for game modes or the live store. We are also responsible in knowing  about the different development branches in use since we must constantly switch between branches for multiple reasons.

I also helped build the players in engine for this particular mode. This mainly had to do with filling the
appropriate properties, tying art assets together, deciding what equipment they will wear, etc. I also had the opportunity to design player achievements and equipment rarities, prices, and titles. Earn your cred, build your rep - check it out HERE!

Madden Ultimate Team

In terms of profit, this is probably Madden's most popular game mode. I work with the MUT team to help bring new reasons for gamers to keep coming back to play. I had the pleasure to design player challenges, achievements, and much more. These designs were grounded in what was actually happening in real life during the current season of the NFL. This would start off as more of a paper design and then written up in shared documents. Then I would write the SQL statements to help bring these designs into the game.


The MUT team, as well as other development teams on the Madden franchise, got wind of my abilities and asked if I could help out. During my time at EA, I've been working across different development teams to help bring this great franchise to life. More about this mode HERE!

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