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In my second semester at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, each individual student was tasked to create a cross-platform data driven game engine. It was developed with early pieces of the engine constructed using C++98 standards while final pieces of the engine constructed using C++17. I created replacements for STL containers like vector and hashmap. I used JSON as a configuration language where I wrote a JSON parser. It also used custom runtime type information exposing information about an object's data type at runtime. The game can be rendered in OPENGL and DirectX.

For the last two weeks of the project, the class was split into two teams of 7 programmers. Each team picked out what they thought was the best version of the engine among what they each had. Then the team had to make a game in the chosen engine. We decided to make a game called Sheepa World Cup Futball, and split tasks among the members. I was tasked to write spawn scripts (that would spawn the sheep, wolfs, and golden sheep), JSON scripts, and aided any other miscellaneous scripts in a peer-programming fashion as well as debugged issues together.


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