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Shark Park is an action game for mobile platforms. Players will control Jawe, a cute triangle shark with a sense of obliviousness. Unsure of what lies ahead, Jawe must go deeper into the abyss in order to find and conquer the threats that stand against the innocent lives of the sea! Swipe and tap your way through evil mystical sea creatures, poison cursed fish, and possibly the scariest threat of them all- humans.


This was a personal passion project that I made with two good friends, which one of those friends is my brother Steven. At the time, I really had little experience with game development. I wanted to create something fun and start exercising the game development skill. I went with a mobile game because I felt that the mobile platform would make the most sense for this title, and a great way to start in game development. This was a great learning experience for me and helped prepare me for an incredible graduate school experience.


•  Team leader for a small development team
•  Created in Unity for mobile platforms and                Steam
•  Developed the core mechanics, 2D animations,        score system featuring a highscore board,              menu systems, enemy AI, boss enemy AI , and        collisions
•  Implemented particle effects and various other      polishing
•  Implemented metrics for testing
•  Organized play testing events
•  Handled marketing materials
•  Steven Carter from Saturday Night Live                  recruited as the audio director


Designer/Programmer/Producer: Michael Carter
Art: Mark Burcham
Music: Steven Carter (from Saturday Night Live team)

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