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Hover Girl is a prototype puzzle game made in Unity where the player must arrange the correct comic book panels to achieve the outcome of the story.



Programmer/Gameplay Designer/Timeline editor: Michael Carter
Game Designer/Story/Hover Girl voiceBrittany Young
Cassidy Kammerer
Artists: Griselle Marie Oliva, John Kim
Magpie voice: Ryan Rusian
Robot voice: Richie Berry


This was one the rapid prototypes for Rapid Prototype Production class at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy at University of Central Florida. In random multidisciplinary teams of 4 each round, teams were tasked to create a prototype every round and each round consisted of two weeks. In total, I was apart of five prototypes throughout the semester. The mechanic idea for this prototype is one that I pitched to the group, which I based it off of Hideo Kojima's favorite game of 2004 called Framed. The theme for this prototype round was story, so I thought this would be a cool way to portray a story.

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