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The Crain Chronicles

A biofeedback-enhanced first person survival horror game pitch document


If you enjoyed this pitch, please check out my prototype - Waiting For Suzy!

Testimonials from industry veterans
"clearly you are a visionary in game-play and ahead of your time!"

"Hands down, one of the most researched and creative document's I've seen"

"this was the hardest presentation to go through as it gave me some real anxiety. I could see this experience really teaching people to manage their fears. "

"Lovely atmospheric thriller of a game with a lovely, atmospheric pitch document to go along with it. You’ve clearly put a lot of time and love into this design, and it shows. I really like the desire to push for more innovation with the facial recognition system, as well as your prudence in not immediately rushing toward VR as the de facto platform for the title"

"I LOVED the idea of the game capturing your biometrics in a report and sharing online. This is super unique and interesting"

"oh man the biofeedback upping the intensity of the game sounds amazing"

"There will be lines of people that want to try and play the game while controlling their heart-rate on a stream just to prove they can. People love to play horror games and pretend it didn't get to them just a little bit."

"I really hope you find a way to pull this off!"

"This is super creative. Really nice twists on the horror genre with cool technology. I would love to see what can be done with this."


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