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Systems Designer - Cloud Chamber (2K Games) (Jan 2022 - present)

•  Feature ownership of 24+ gameplay systems including core systems in UE5.
•  Pitched brand new features and brought them from concept to life.

•  Highly collaborative environment in bringing back a beloved franchise.

•  Designed AI activities and dictated their interactions with gameplay systems.

Technical Game Designer - High Voltage Software (+ Epic Games) (February 2021 - Jan 2022)

•  Engaged in co-development work with Epic Games on Fortnite
•  Implemented/iterated/polished game mechanics/systems in UE4
•  Worked in cinematic workflows to create cinematic experiences and systems, trained by Epic Games experts. Created              cinematic scenes based on concept art and storyboard animatics.
•  Worked on systems involving GAS, EQS, network relevancy and more
•  Wrote design documentation outlining new ideas and systems
•  Pitched/implemented UE4 improvements
•  Followed strict code/blueprint review guidelines that have to pass through both High Voltage Software & Epic Games                code reviews

Associate Game Designer - Electronic Arts (May 2020 - February 2021)

•  Designed/created content for AAA live services for PC, console, and mobile using tools like Frostbite, SQL, XML, Java, etc
•  Assisted in designing/implementing player progression/objectives
•  The technical guy for Madden live service team and improved/debugged their processes for content deployments
•  Participant in weekly Madden build reviews

University of Central Florida, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy - Malediction (Jan 2019 - Nov 2019)
(Technical Designer/Gameplay & Cinematic Designer on “Malediction”) 

•  Developed 3D puzzle platformer in UE4 with multidisciplinary team of seventeen developers
•  Implemented/designed core gameplay mechanics involving time dilation localization, physics, and movement in                      C++/blueprints
•  Cinematic designer/creator for all cutscenes & trailer
•  Implemented audio using FMOD
•  Implemented the Respawn and Checkpoint system using dynamic delegate macros in the back-end, and then I exposed the        tool to be easily used in blueprints
•  Implemented a time dilation bubble with combination of a float curve to control the flow of time smoothly, C++ logic to          handle the values and spawning, and blueprints for some collision logic
•  Implemented/designed puzzles and other environmental interactions using blueprints
•  Implemented/designed enemy interactions and abilities in C++ that involve time manipulation and physics
•  Collaborated with the level designers in design meetings to help design the levels and when puzzles appear
•  Help make decisions about how different abilities will interact with each other along with the environment
•  Implemented collisions in C++ and blueprints
•  Implemented audio triggers with macros in C++, and used blueprints in combination with FMOD to tastefully place audio in      game moments by using my background in music performance
•  Solved game crashing issues involving how the mechanics were interacting and compiler issues
•  Participated in code reviews with lead programmer along with lead designer, and helped by conducting reviews for other          members on the team involving coding/blueprint styles
•  Implemented development commands for the build for testing
•  Ported the project using UWP for XBox

Programmer/Software Engineer - CGI Federal  (January, 2015 - February, 2020)
•  Programmer/Analyst for software application which tracks equipment and personnel on a military base               
         - database for equipment uses RFID tags and readers positioned at strategic entry points             
         - interactive map provides real-time updates with descriptions and pictures               
         - dynamic web application analyzes data and positions it on an interactive map            
         - users perform complex filtered queries
•  Software engineer and designer for dynamic application that focuses on the steps for military equipment loaded on ships             - ASP.NET MVC C# framework                 
         - Pie charts that update dynamically                 
         - Functionality to export to custom excel or pdf documents
•  Currently maintain 2nd highest government security clearance to work on networks on multiple government bases including      Marine Bases in Florida and Albany.
•  Engineered projection software services for equipment processing using the CQRS pattern                         
         - Domain Driven Design (DDD) techniques                              
         - Designed and created Oracle database structure              
         - Front end development with multiple types of mark-up 
•  Created documentation to illustrate tools following strict government guidelines  
•  Examples of software I designed have often been demonstrated by CGI at marketing seminars    
•  Modernize application tools for multiple government bases that provide timely and easy access                      
         - Spring MVC and Chassis framework
•  Maintained live systems and servers to include application, service, and database deployments along with any general            maintenance

Florida State College at Jacksonville- Adjunct Math Professor May, 2010 - January 2015
•  Taught developmental math courses
•  Well liked by students and co-workers with high reviews 


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