University of Central Florida, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy - Malediction 
(Technical Designer/Gameplay & Cinematic Designer on “Malediction”)  
Jan 2019 - Nov 2019

•  Developed 3D puzzle platformer in UE4 with                          multidisciplinary team of seventeen developers
•  Implemented/designed core gameplay mechanics involving      time dilation localization, physics, and movement in                C++/blueprints
•  Cinematic designer/creator for all cutscenes & trailer
•  Implemented audio using FMOD
•  Implemented the Respawn and Checkpoint system using        dynamic delegate macros in the back-end, and then I              exposed the tool to be easily used in blueprints
•  Implemented a time dilation bubble with combination of a        float curve to control the flow of time smoothly, C++ logic      to handle the values and spawning, and blueprints for            some collision logic
•  Implemented/designed puzzles and other environmental          interactions using blueprints
•  Implemented/designed enemy interactions and abilities in        C++ that involve time manipulation and physics
•  Collaborated with the level designers in design meetings to      help design the levels and when puzzles appear
•  Help make decisions about how different abilities will            interact with each other along with the environment
•  Implemented collisions in C++ and blueprints
•  Implemented audio triggers with macros in C++, and used       blueprints in combination with FMOD to tastefully place          audio in game moments by using my background in music        performance
•  Solved game crashing issues involving how the mechanics        were interacting and compiler issues
•  Participated in code reviews with lead programmer along        with lead designer, and helped by conducting reviews for        other members on the team involving coding/blueprint            styles
•  Implemented development commands for the build for            testing
•  Ported the project using UWP for XBox

CGI Federal – Consultant (Programmer/Software Engineer)  January, 2015 - Present
•  Programmer/Analyst for software application which tracks        equipment and personnel on a military base               
         - database for equipment uses RFID tags and readers                positioned at strategic entry points             
         - interactive map provides real-time updates with                     descriptions and pictures               
         - dynamic web application analyzes data and positions               it on an interactive map            
         - users perform complex filtered queries
•  Software engineer and designer for dynamic application that     focuses on the steps for military equipment loaded on ships          - ASP.NET MVC C# framework                 
         - Pie charts that update dynamically                 
         - Functionality to export to custom excel or pdf                       documents
•  Currently maintain 2nd highest government security                clearance to work on networks on multiple government            bases including Marine Bases in Florida and Albany.
•  Engineered projection software services for equipment            processesing using the CQRS pattern                         
         - Domain Driven Design (DDD) techniques                              - Designed and created Oracle database structure              - Front end development with multiple types of mark-up
•  Created documentation to illustrate tools following strict        government guidelines  
•  Examples of software I designed have often been                    demonstrated by CGI at marketing seminars    
•  Modernize application tools for multiple government bases      that provide timely and easy access                      
         - Spring MVC and Chassis framework
•  Maintained live systems and servers to include application,      service, and database deployments along with any general      maintenance

Florida State College at Jacksonville- Adjunct Math Professor   May, 2010 - January 2015
•  Taught developmental math courses
•  Well liked by students and co-workers with high reviews 


The Crain Chronicles

A biofeedback-enhanced first person survival horror game

Testimonials from industry veterans
"clearly you are a visionary in game-play and ahead of your time!"

"Hands down, one of the most researched and creative document's I've seen"

"this was the hardest presentation to go through as it gave me some real anxiety. I could see this experience really teaching people to manage their fears. "

"Lovely atmospheric thriller of a game with a lovely, atmospheric pitch document to go along with it. You’ve clearly put a lot of time and love into this design, and it shows. I really like the desire to push for more innovation with the facial recognition system, as well as your prudence in not immediately rushing toward VR as the de facto platform for the title"

"I LOVED the idea of the game capturing your biometrics in a report and sharing online. This is super unique and interesting"

"oh man the biofeedback upping the intensity of the game sounds amazing"

"There will be lines of people that want to try and play the game while controlling their heart-rate on a stream just to prove they can. People love to play horror games and pretend it didn't get to them just a little bit."

"I really hope you find a way to pull this off!"

"This is super creative. Really nice twists on the horror genre with cool technology. I would love to see what can be done with this."





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