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Malediction is a 3D puzzle action game created in the Unreal Engine. Players play as Morgan, a sorcerer that has accidentally doomed the town with his magical cursed spells. Evil clones of Morgan run rampant around the city, and the city itself has come alive in strange ways. Players must use Morgan's powers of manipulating time and physics in order to regain back his true powers. Oh, I guess save the town too.


Malediction is a capstone project that I was apart of at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy at University of Central Florida. A capstone project is a two semester long game development project where a multidisciplinary team of 17 developers work together to create a game. Developers face real challenges in learning to work together and adapting to pipelines created by the project leads. I feel so proud of this team because of how well we communicate and how comfortable we are in challenging each other's ideas in positive ways. I feel that we did a great job in merging our processes together and conquering any obstacles in our way. 


Technical Designer / gameplay & cinematic designer
Some tasks include:
•  Implemented/designed core gameplay mechanics            involving time dilation and movement in C++/BP
•  Designed & created all cinematic cutscenes, smart          camera systems, and the gameplay trailer
•  Created tutorial systems and was a key player in            mapping out player progression
•  Designed challenging puzzle combat scenarios that        required players to think outside the box
•  Implemented/designed puzzles and other                        environmental interactions using blueprints

•  Designed/implemented enemy mechanics that 
    involve time manipulation and physics in C++/BP

•  Designed & added functionality to user-interfaces
•  Through play-test data, made choices about how to          enhance
 player experience
•  Implemented audio triggers with macros in C++, and      used blueprints in combination with FMOD to                  tastefully place audio in game moments by using my      background in music performance
•  Coordinated with audio designers to implement and      troubleshoot audio bugs
•  Assisted in direction/coordination of voice talent
•  Implemented the Respawn and Checkpoint system          using dynamic delegate macros in the back-end, and      then I exposed the tool to be used in blueprints
•  Implemented the time dilation bubble
•  Collaborated with the level designers in design                meetings to help design the levels and puzzles
•  Designed ability interactions in the environment
•  Implemented collisions in C++ and blueprints
•  Implemented development commands for the build          for testing

Intel University Games Showcase 2020 2nd Place Gameplay Winner


Time Bubble Mechanic Deconstruction (UE4 C++ and BP):

Cinematic Compilation:

Serious Play-51.jpg
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