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Personal Programming Project at FIEA: Dev Diary #10

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

In my previous developer diary, I showcased my biometric system created in the Unity game engine that has integration with emotion detection and heart-rate tracking technologies, OBS Studio, and Excel libraries:

Now, I would like to show off a short survival horror experience that I also made in Unity that showcases more of the biometric system in action. Below is funny compilation of players' experiences with the game:

Lol, this video makes me giggle every time.

In my previous post, I mentioned how my principal investigator Dr. Carbone and I were in communication with Tobii to see if we can figure out my issue in capturing the eye diameter. Come to find out, the version of hardware that I have can only track the eyes and can not capture the pupil diameter. In order to capture the diameter, I would have to spend around $4,180 to obtain the equipment. I do not have that money and I don't think it is worth the investment since heart-rate will essentially give me the same information about the user that the eye diameter would give me (according to previous biometric research I read about).

So graduation is next week...I will officially have my masters in interactive entertainment from one of the top game development programs in the world (according to Princeton Review). It was a very tough program, but here I am much stronger on the other side. There are three tracks in the program (programmer, artist, producer). I was in the programming track, but I also opted a lot of the design/producer courses. Something else about this program for those who don't know, its closely modeled after the AAA part of the game industry. All the instructors are long time veterans from the industry that worked on many popular titles, and some are even studio directors at such places like Iron Galaxy Studios.

Things are up in the air for me at the moment. With finishing my masters and thinking about my next steps, I might have to put this project either on hold or closed. Originally, I would have taken this project to conduct research to publish to CHI Play 2020 ( ). Dr. Carbone and I partially made those steps with UCF, but we were not able to continue at this time with all the projects we had going on. So for now, Carter's Biometric System is shelved until further notice.

Thanks everyone who stood by me through this journey thus far. Stay on the look out on my website to find out what is in store for the next part of my life! :)


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