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Personal Programming Project at FIEA: Dev Diary #8

Hello all! It's been a crazy week between job interviews and other projects that I needed to finish but I still managed to make some progress. I focused on testing out the performance of video games when running my biometric system and OBS studio at the same time.

As you can see here, this is me running the game on one laptop along side OBS Studio. But what you don't see is that I'm also running my biometric system as well in the background. I played the game for awhile and got to a more demanding scene in the game. The frame rates never dropped below 60 FPS and actually consistently stayed in between 70-100 FPS.

The laptop got super warm but never super hot.

I also tried running the game by itself to see what kind of frame rates I would get without anything running in the background. The frame rates stayed between 80-130 FPS so I did notice an improvement. I tried this again on my home computer and the FPS still was fine.

What I haven't mentioned yet was when OBS Studio was crashing on closing the application. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why it would crash, and what I could do about it. I spent some time in the OBS Studio forums:

I first tried re-installing the application to see if that would fix issue. I made sure I was running the 64-bit version of OBS Studio as well. It would still crash on close so I looked to see if I had any crash logs, %APPDATA%\obs-studio\crashes For some reason I had no crash logs, which made things a little bit more difficult. The next thing I tried was disabling game mode in Windows since that was suggested in the forums. I knew it couldn't do anything with the Browser Sources since I don't think I had that plug-in for OBS, but checked into that as well. After that I restarted my computer. I ran it again through my Biometric system and it worked! Not exactly sure why it was doing this, so although things are working now it might be worth it to continue doing tests. In the meantime though, I continued doing some frame rate tests. Here are some results that I had for Shadow of The Tomb Raider. These represent the lowest frame rates that I noticed. Game by itself on laptop or home computer: Main Menu: 200-300 FPS Gameplay: Cozumel location - 125-130 FPS Game with Biometric System & OBS Studio:

Main Menu: 200-300 FPS - noticed the main menu still stayed in the same range

Gameplay: Cozumel location - 69-120 FPS The lowest I saw during gameplay when running the rest of the systems was 69 FPS, but this was only for a split moment. Most of the time the FPS stayed above 80 FPS. This is good enough for testing if I went this route! For next week, I would like to produce a video showcasing the biometric system running with OBS. I want to show when I smile, when I frown, and etc. Through this, I will also be able to show the accuracy of the timestamps and also see how well they compare with the Excel report that the biometric system outputs. Until next week friends!


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